At Island Sash & Door we feel very strongly that what we are offering is something way beyond average service – we feel we offer a highly skilled and personally distinctive package of knowledge, products and service – and a strong desire to provide repairs you’re going to be happy with when all is said and done. Our goal is to always do the best job we can for you and your home. We recognize that the “costs” of repairs to your home go far beyond the price of the windows, doors or skylights. We represent some of the very best manufacturers and products available anywhere. Whether you are located near Freeland or Anacortes, we can assist you from product selection to installation. Our green building processes will not just improve the looks and value of your home – the added savings you gain from having energy efficient doors and windows will last long into the future. The intangible value we bring, aside from skilled craftsmanship, is that we will respect your home’s interior and exterior design, including the existing value of your existing trim and millwork, even your landscaping – all will be honored and cared for with all due diligence. Our pledge to you, when you come to us for your repair needs, is that you will receive our best efforts, highest skills, broad knowledge and the best products available to return your home to a safe and secure environment.

We at Island Sash & Door take great pleasure in restoring windows and doors that others may deem impossible. There is great satisfaction in restoring an old wood Double Hung window, with broken or inoperable sash weights and 100 years of paint sealing it shut, to its fully functioning self. Re-roping, re-glazing, repairing damaged wood components and custom milling – we’d love to help! Old or rare panel doors are also something we will do our best to repair and restore. Our combined years of experience, a can-do attitude and the latest product technology will perform repairs that many would shy away from. Let us join you in whatever window or door repairs you need. Together, we will achieve success!