Skylights are a natural complement to your current window system and the perfect solution for interior rooms with poor lighting and large rooms only partially lit by your windows.

You can create the feeling and sensation of spaciousness without adding to your square footage. Skylights can transform neglected spaces into living areas, opening your home to more pleasurable living.

Skylights can be either curb mounted or deck mounted. They come in many sizes and can be customized for your project. They can be light only or “fresh air” models that allow for ventilation. Some can be a simple light tunnel that allows light to a specific area of a room. Curb mounting may be done on new or existing curbs, whether the curbs are wood or thermal aluminum (ATCM), the process of sealing, flashing and roofing membrane system assures thermal efficiency and weather tightness.

Almost any room in your home or office can benefit from the natural light that skylights bring into the room. Venting skylights are a very popular option and can be ordered with choice of crank handle, telescopic pole or wireless electric remote operator – some models are even solar powered. They can provide additional ventilation in rooms where improved air circulation may be required including kitchens, bathrooms, and sunrooms.

Skylight blinds are always an option also. Typically, they will come in one of three options – privacy, light filtering or blackout. The benefits of having skylight blinds are multiple: control the amount of light and heat entering the room, reducing energy costs both for heating and cooling, increase privacy, reduced fading of carpets and furniture due to harmful elements of  sunlight.