Modernizing your home is a very personal, and often painstaking, undertaking. Here at Island Sash & Door, our goal is to do the best job we can for you and your home. We recognize that the “costs” of remodeling and upgrading your home go far beyond the price of the windows, doors or skylights. We represent some of the very best manufacturers and products. Whether you are located near Freeland or Anacortes, we can assist you from product selection to installation. Our green building processes will not just improve the looks and value of your home, either. The added savings you gain from having energy efficient door and windows will last long into the future. The intangible value we bring, aside from skilled craftsmanship, is that we will respect your home’s interior and exterior design, including the value (expressive, architectural and monetary) of your existing trim and millwork, even your landscaping – all will be honored and cared for with all due diligence. Our pledge to you, when you come to us for your retrofit needs, is that you will receive our best efforts, highest skills, broad knowledge and the best products available to upgrade your home and enhance your style of living.