Water Stop or High Exposure Installations

Water leaking into the rough openings and framing from faulty window and door installations or leaky windows, has caused tremendous damage to homes large and small – especially here in the Puget Sound region. Repair and restoration costs due to water damage can create a crisis for owners, builders and insurance companies.

The reality is that common window installation methods can leave the opening susceptible to water intrusion even after carefully following detailed manufacturer installation instructions and recognized trade organization procedures. These installation procedures are often difficult to follow due to multiple steps and layering of products in an attempt to keep the water out.   Typically, increasing the complexity of the installation procedure has not reduced the incidence of water intrusion and damage.

Resulting from years of experience investigating and repairing water intrusion damage, Building Envelope Innovations, LLC (BEI), has developed a tested and proven installation method and flashing material known as FastFlash (R-Guard Fastflash Silyl Terminated Polymer or STPE). Forming a partnership with PROSOCO has enabled BEI to supply this product across America to be used on thousands of high-performing projects. The fluid applied system produces a more durable membrane and became a game-changer in the industry while satisfying the most stringent green standards set forth by the industry’s leading organizations.

It is a complete philosophical change in how to accomplish the overall objective of waterproof installations. When you factor in the added benefit of the resulting air barrier, you have a more energy efficient building, yet another standard of the “green” initiative. Combined with revolutionary liquid-applied membrane products that are greener and more effective than ‘traditional’ products, not to mention the lowered cost for labor and equipment, it is literally changing the industry.